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We now make hand and body lotion that will match any soap we make.  We can also provide you with unscented lotion for you purists.  Just add your choice to comment section when you check out.

Sherry Edenfield

Angel Creek Soap
480 Cranes Creek Rd.
Cameron, NC 28326

     Are you looking for the affordable luxury of a handcrafted olive oil soap?  Are you interested in softer skin made possible by handmade soap that retains its natural glycerin?  Homemade natural soap made in small batches and hand cut is our speciality.  Our luxurious soaps begin with a base of olive oil and then we add coconut oil, palm oil, castor oil, vegetable oil, and other ingredients to make our face and body soap that's enjoyed by many.  From physicians to plumbers, we have many satisfied customers.
    Do you have sensitivities to commercial soap? Our soap contains no ingredients that you cannot pronounce. Try reading a commercial soap label. I began making soap because of the problems that I had with soap made in a factory that may not even be in this country.  

    Our typical label might read:  saponified olive oil, coconut oil, palm oil, castor oil, essential oil, and purified water. Saponified refers to the chemical reaction between the lye, water, and oils.  Lye is necessary to make a hard bar of soap.  The soap is hand cut, covered in muslim, and stored for up to 30 days to neutralize. 
   Besides olive oil, other ingredients may include vegetable oil, aloe, castor oil, cocoa butter, essential oils, and more depending on which soap I'm making. Each bar is handmade and cut which accounts for the imperfections. Each bar is its natural color and approximately five ounces. I add no color or artificial ingredients; only food-quality ingredients are used. For those with sensitivities, I can sympathize. I have many soaps with fragrances and soap without fragrance.

My soap retains the natural glycerin that develops during the process of soapmaking. Glycerin helps retain moisture in the skin and is most often removed from commercial soap and sold separately to be used in lotions. I actually use no lotion now that I use an olive oil based soap. If you are interested in more information there is plenty to read on the Why Handcrafted Soap?  page.  
I hope you will explore our website and see all of the soaps that I offer. You should treat yourself to a low cost luxury in your shower or bath.

Thanks for visiting. If you have a question concerning the site, a particular fragrance, or my soaps, please get in touch.


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